• Monitoring COVID-19 symptoms with automated notifications
  • Case Management and Contact tracing
  • COVID-19 Testing Records Management
  • COVID-19 Immunization Records Management
  • Monitoring and supporting people with chronic illnesses
  • Base line data for epidemiological analysis
  • Base line data for developing evidence-based diabetes care protocols
  • Locally hosted or cloud-based secured customizable application to meet different workplaces environments.


Monitoring COVID-19 Symptoms

While, COVID-19 symptom screening at workplaces is mandatory in some provinces and states it’s optional for employers. However, there are a number of clear benefits to screening employees for COVID-19 symptoms to maintain a healthy workforce, help with contact tracing efforts, and reduce employer potential liabilities.

Our application is a user-friendly tool for:

  • Daily monitoring of COVID-19 symptoms by healthcare team and/or self-reporting.
  • Automated and manual SMS notifications.
  • Details reports for health care providers and for hospitalization.
  • Proprietary algorithms to gauge the probability of reported cases needing “proactive intervention” from managers and health care providers.
  • Instant communication with support resources for support during self-isolation.
vaccination card

case management

COVID-19 Case Management

Customizable Case Report Forms with inline validation to ensure data accuracy and all required information is collected. Enables patients to self-report relevant demographic data and contacts.

Tracing Diagram for management of complex relational data of cases and their contacts through electronic data entry of case and contact information, and offer visualization of cases and contact chains. Can seamlessly import proximity tracing data from patient once consent is received.
contact tracing

Contact Tracing

testing management

COVID-19 Testing Records Management

The increased demand for frequent COVID-19 testing during the pandemic has surpassed surge capacity in many organizations including healthcare services and long-term care facilities; resulting in significant strain on personnel and infrastructure. Leveraging the capabilities of electronic Testing Management Systems to streamline all phases of testing has proven essential. Our application is a simple tool to track testing, results, labs, methods, and delays. It also provides automated system for scheduling, notifications, and analytics.

The application generates and send SMS color coded (based on the test results) QR Code that includes detailed information such as: date, name, result, test date, result date, test location, type of test, test number, and the number of previous tests for this individual.
QR Test


COVID-19 Immunization Records Management

Our immunization record system is a comprehensive timeline of COVID-19 vaccinations and ensure your team members can provide accurate immunization records required for certain jobs or travel.

  • Records of immunization: Type of vaccine, vaccination date, vaccine provider, and side effects.
  • Automated SMS and email reminders for the second dose if required.
  • Up-to-date immunization records.
  • Immunization records: printed card and digital (secured QR Code).
  • Ensure that immunization records are complete and accurate.
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Monitoring of Chronic Diseases and Virtual Care

People of all ages with underlying medical conditions, particularly if not well controlled, including diabetes at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19. COVID-19 mitigation strategies combined with fear of infection and economic uncertainty, social isolation, reduced physical activity, limited access to care, and lack of motivation and monitoring could have serious impact people with type 2 diabetes and their management of diabetes. With weakened immune systems and resistance to infection, the outcomes are potentially serious but avoidable.

  • Monitoring of chronic diseases using detailed forms developed in association with endocronologist, cardiologist, and geriatrician.
  • Funcitional Assessment tools
  • Wearable biosensors for remote monitoring
  • Algorithms for decision support and treatment based on clinical guidelines. Automated tools for: CANRISK Score, Framingham Risk Score, CKD Stages, and Pharmacotherapy

Reports and Analytics

The application generates comprehensive medical reports and facilitates sharing of recommendations between care team members, and provides comprehensive analytics tools, a series of standardized reports and customizable queries for outcome analysis.

Using HIPPA compliant tool, the application helps healthcare providers to conduct virtual visits and communication with chat, video, voice, and healthcare tools in a single hub.

Patient Education

The application provides patients with in-depth interactive education for managing chornic diseases. During pandemics mitigation and physical distancing periods, newly diagnosed patients have no access to classroom education; cloud-based self-education is the only source of education to patients and their families. Additional contents about COVID-19 and other chronic conditions will be added.

E-Learning and Content Management Systems

The application has a Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS) to create, manage, host and track digital learning content for education and training.

In addition, the LCMS provides secured instant chat room and message board for exchanging knowledge and discussions among registered users.
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